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Upholstery Cleaning

We know that every now and then, accidents happen. Something spills on your expensive upholstery, you spray it with a household cleaner, and start scrubbing. But, what happens when you can’t remove that stain? And, even if you are able to remove the stain, does that mean the upholstery is clean? In other words, whether the stain is visible or not, upholstery can carry bacteria. Consequently, this has the potential to affect your health. The best way to ensure that your furniture is clean and germ-free is to schedule a professional upholstery cleaning.

Most importantly, Bullseye provides some of the safest and effective cleaning in Eugene. You can rest assured your furniture receives the specialized care it needs.

The Benefits of Bullseye

Upholstery Cleaning

At Bullseye, we understand the importance of clean upholstery. This is why we use the best cleaning technology available. We ensure you are 100% satisfied with the results! In addition, each of our skilled technicians has equipment that cleans every kind of furniture. Our unique deep cleaning method does not only clean your upholstery. Moreover, it transforms the appearance of your entire home.

We Target Tough Dirt On:

  • Sectionals
  • Couches
  • Recliners
  • Office chairs
  • Upholstered dining chairs

Our cleaning Process

  • Before cleaning, we inspect each piece of upholstery to decide on a proper cleaning plan. We will also identify any stains that need extra attention.
  • Vacuum under and around cushions and cracks.
  • Apply a pre-spray treatment.
  • Rinse carpet fibers using steam cleaning and high suction cleaning system.
  • After that, we dry carpet fibers using our steam cleaning and high suction cleaning system.

We understand the importance of clean upholstery. This is why we recommend professional cleaning every 6-12 months. Regular cleaning keeps it looking and smelling good. Above all, our dedicated technicians are ready to provide the best service available to revive your upholstery. Schedule your professional upholstery cleaning by contacting us today!


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