Did you tell your landlord that you’re moving out, and now you’re freaking out because your carpets show the wear and tear of life? If so, it’s probably time to hire a move out carpet cleaning service like Bullseye.

Relax. Filthy carpets are a way of life in Eugene.

It’s impossible to cheer on the Oregon Ducks, run the Ridgeline Trail, and eat until your pants are too tight at the Saturday Market, without tracking evidence of your messy fun onto your carpets.

Avoid the freakout and hire Eugene’s favorite move-out carpet cleaning service.

Now, you’re probably wondering why you can’t just rent one of those red colored carpet cleaning machines at the grocery store. Rental machines have their place in the carpet cleaning world. They are a relatively inexpensive way to improve the look of your carpets. However, they do not perform well enough to get your carpets into shape for a move-out inspection. There is no sensible alternative to hiring a professional carpet cleaner if you want to pocket your security deposit.

Let’s look at five reasons that you must hire an expert to clean your carpets.

Five Reasons to Use Move-Out Carpet Cleaning Services


1. Please Your Landlord

pass a move out inspection

Your landlord expects you to leave your rental home looking like it did when you moved in. Of course, everything in your rental, including the carpets, is a little bit older than it was when you first arrived, and your landlord has to accept some normal wear and tear. Unfortunately, the landlord can require clean and undamaged carpets. In general, your carpets must pass the eye and sniff test for the landlord to return your full security deposit.

2. Experts Know How to Clean Carpet

expert carpet cleaning

Did you know that different types of carpet need different types of carpet cleaning techniques? Professional carpet cleaners understand the various cleaning requirements, and they know how to eliminate stains and odors. The best way to prepare rugs for a move-out inspection is to have them deep cleaned by experts. The primary ways that the pros deep clean your rugs are:

  • Hot Water Extraction – A carpet cleaning solution travels deep into rug fibers, and hot water removes the residue. Your carpets are damp for several hours after the treatment.
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning – A special cleaning powder is carefully worked throughout the carpet to remove all of the ground-in dirt, mold, dust mites, pet feces, and pet urine. A significant benefit to this cleaning method is that the carpet stays dry throughout the process.

3. Clean Up After Fido and Fluffy

cat laying on carpet

Do you share your life with pets? Our dogs, cats, and bunnies bring such immense love and joy into our homes. However, they sometimes leave evidence of their presence behind in the form of pet stains and odors. Sure, you can temporarily mask the smell of pet urine through the use of specially-marketed powders and sprays. But, you’ll need the help of an expert carpet professional to hunt down and eliminate the odors. The safest way to pass the sniff test is to get those carpets cleaned.

4. Your Time is Valuable

your time is valuable

Do you want to take time out of your stressful day to clean the carpets? Imagine taking the time to drive to the store, haul a rental machine back to your place, and sweat up a storm pushing the carpet machine over all of your carpets. The truth is that, after all of your hard work, your carpets won’t be anywhere near as clean as a professional carpet cleaning service can make them in much less time.

5. Pass the Move Out Inspection

Professionally cleaned carpets stay beautiful for a much more extended period than the flooring that didn’t experience an expert cleaning. Unlike the do-it-yourself carpet cleaning machines, professionals use potent devices to suck the dirty water and the residue from the cleaning solution out of the carpet as it’s cleaned. The result is a long-lasting and cleaner carpet.

Lastly, moving is a stressful experience, and one of the easiest ways to minimize your stress is to hire a carpet cleaning service to perform a move-out carpet cleaning.

Contact us at Bullseye Carpet Cleaning in Eugene for a free estimate, and we’ll show you how affordable it is to have an expert clean your carpets.